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Beginner's Guide to Close-up & Macro Photography

Chuon-Szen Ong (SzennyBoy) on August 27, 2010

Keywords: micro, macro, close, photography, photographic, disciplines, guides, tips, tricks



We felt important to make a point about the high caliber professionals in diverse disciplines the community has been able to attract to The Team. We are very proud of them. The author of this article, known by many Nikonians as Szen (username: SzennyBoy), is Chuon-Szen Ong, a mechanical engineer by profession who works in the offshore oil & gas industry as a resident senior consulting engineer, specialized in sub-sea systems design and manufacture.


Szen onboard an offshore installation vessel



On the flip side of that coin, he is also heavily involved with the necessarily thorough investigations when these sub-sea systems fail. As part of these failure investigations, detailed forensic examinations are conducted on failed components and depending on the requirements, among others, a variety of photographic techniques are used  - close-up or macro photography and even photomicrography - that he loves to perform himself.

His interest in close-up and macro photography started off just like for many of us, in his "younger days", with just flowers and the everyday objects found all around.

It was only during "the days" (long years) in the university, whilst simultaneously working as Research Assistant and for his doctorate in mechanical engineering, that his passion for photography, close-up and macro photography to be more precise, came into its element when the author had to record and document various interesting and original research experimental works.

  Click for 1:1 Romanescu Cauliflower enlargement


It was also at this stage that he was introduced to the "finer" (more complicated) techniques of macro photography and photomicrography. These experiences have lead to an in-depth appreciation of the complexities involved with close-up and macro photography and an enhanced passion for it.


Szen has achieved his Licentiate distinction with the Royal Photographic Society of the UK, where he resides.

In the Nikonians spirit, it is the author's intent to share some of his knowledge with fellow members through this introductory article.

It is our pleasure to have him as a Team Member and a friend.


Bo and JRP


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Dr. Patrick Buick (profpb) on April 15, 2015

This seems a bit out-of-date. Stacking, etc...

Steven Clarke (steveclarke007) on February 13, 2015

Awesome article! Any chance it can be updated to D610/D810 systems please?

Narikunni Jayanth (jaydoc40) on June 10, 2013

Is the bellows available in the market ?

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