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Nikonian Pro Claus Brandt is a founding member of the Nikonians Workshops Team.

Claus Brandt is a skilled Nikonian professional, a freelance nature photographer and an energetic and passionate workshop leader. Having photographic experience since the age of 8, he soon focused on wildlife photography. His pictures go beyond superficial documentary records. Being both emotional and artistic, they aim to create an awareness of the great beauty and diversity of the worlds ecological treasures.

He does an outstanding job of both classroom theory and in-the-field hands-on training, helping you learn to become a better photographer.

Claus is well known for his intensity, energy and enthusiasm. If you participate in a workshop with him, you will be pleasantly surprised by his generosity and infectious enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge with all participants in the true Nikonians spirit.


At the most successful Helgoland Workshop this last spring, he was confirmed as able to both effectively inspire, teach and wear down even the most energetic.



Based in Bonn Germany, Claus has traveled extensively and photographed throughout Africa, Europe and North America. He just won the European Nature Photographer of the Year 2005 Award. A sample of his porfolio can be seen here.


His group workshops are typically limited to a maximum of 10 participants and sometimes less, so each person is sure to receive excellent coaching and feedback.


Despite his busy schedule, generously, Claus is also a Nikonians moderator, sharing, teaching and inspiring at both the Landscape and Wildlife forums.


You have the passion to learn nature photography. Let us help you master it!


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