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It has been most rewarding to hear what our own members have to say about our community in the unsolicited comments below. Our highest appreciation to all of you. Below a sample.

This is what Nikon (USA) said about us:

Although the name might sound like an intergalactic nation from Star Trek, Nikonians are a group of passionate Nikon users, spread across the globe. It's a first-class site and deserves to "Live Long and Prosper!" Nikon Recommends: Check out the
extensive glossary"

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Great Smoky Mountains falls. Click for enlargement.
Rainbow Falls. Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Nikon F5, Nikkor AF-S 80-200mm/2.8D ED IF, L37C filter, RGB Matrix Metering, on Konica Impresa 50

Interestingly, Nikonians is the only online community I've ever paid to join, and the only community which I think is worth an admission price.

Here are my thoughts:
1. Nikonians is the most actively moderated community I've ever been part of.
Threads that get out of hand get locked, users that are rude, or post unhelpful information, get contacted. Persistent offenders get actively removed. I've been part of a number of communities which I've left when particular threads degenerated into mud-slinging and name calling.

2. Nikonians is the most helpful community I've ever been part of.
I don't ask for help very often, not because I think I know a lot, but because I discovered that the search function is very good and, generally, any question I've got has already been answered. That's how I found Nikonians in the first place. But what I have noticed is that requests for help are almost always dealt with helpfully. On lots of other forums, any request for help immediately prompts a series of criticisms of the poster's skills, equipment, or even their right to be asking 'stupid' questions.

3. Nikonians is the most informative community I've ever been part of.
The number of 'clueless experts' is remarkably few, and their posts tend to get challenged, courteously, fairly early on. Urgent requests for information get answered very fast — far faster than Nikon's own helpdesk ever does.

4 Nikonians is the most stimulating community I've ever been part of.
I've learned enormous amounts researching answers to questions where my first thought would be to reply saying 'this is what I do', and then realising that I actually have no clue why I do that, and whether it's good or bad. I discovered FocusMagic and Portraiture while trying to find the answer to someone's questions, which, together, have been the post-processing result of the decade for me.

5. Nikonians is the most adventurous community I've ever been part of.
Most sites offer whatever it is their software offers, and that's it. New features come along when the software offers more features. Nikonians, with its podcasts, academy, RSS, wiki and so on is always developing new, high quality stuff, based on what is wanted or needed, not just on what is available.

6. Nikonians is the only online community I've ever been proud to be a member of.
Most online communities are a slightly guilty secret. This one is an investment. The best photographic investment after my camera.

7. Nikonians is the most inspiring community I've ever been a part of.
The online assignments, the Best of Nikonians, and the stuff that gets posted for comment on forums I go to has me constantly amazed, and inspires me to take better pictures.
Martin Turner, Nikonian in the UK
Larry Becker (NAPP's Executive Director) ran into a NAPP member at the Tampa seminar last week who told him about an online community for Nikon Shooters called The Nikonians ( The site is very professionally designed, and they have different levels of membership available, and one of the benefits is a printed "Photographers ID Badge." Worth checking out.
Scott Kelby, Nikonian in the USA
(Editors note: Best seller author of Photoshop books)
Hello, I was referred here by Nikon tech support. It was so cool I signed up Silver.
Dennis Driscoll (dennisd70) California, USA
Thank you all for making Nikonians such wonderful place. Thank you for thousands of pictures, for tons of knowledge and for making every photographer feeling home.
We wish you all a wonderful year. May it be full of success, luck and happiness.
T McBrian (duffergirl) Ontario, Canada

Nikon shooters have NIKONIANS! And that's probably one of the best reasons to go with Nikon. Cheers!
Jason Preiss
(jspreiss) USA
For many years I was on a strict budget and used a couple of Minolta film cameras. One with an integrated meter and one without. I enjoyed the art of photography and compensated for the equipment. About 3 years ago I was ready to make the jump to Digital and quickly realized that the big questions was Nikon or Cannon. My analysis let me to believe that for my needs Both companies had great technical products and were in a leapfrog development cycle, swapping places for who was top dog at any given time. It was when I discovered Nikonians during this time that the decision became easy. The quality of Nikonians became the tie breaker for me. I started with a D70. I now have a D200 and oodles of accessories and a few fast lenses.
With enough funding, anyone can make a great camera. but Nikonians is Priceless !
Michael Boswell (Searider) USA
I was referred to your site by Manfrotto in New Jersey!! The folks there have many nice things to say about the professional help that a beginning, amateur, or professional photographer receives from the valued membership. Thanks for being here Nikonians!!!
Rod Donlon (rdonlon) New York, USA
You guys run probably the best forum organization I have seen! Don't change a thing!
Fernando Ortega (therager) USA
My Silver membership is probably the single best investment in photography. I have learned more by reading, searching and salivating over the Nikonians postings. Funny (or sad, depending on how you look at it) story; last weekend, my wife & I were in a different city for a convention for her work. Of course, I had to check out the "best" camera shop. By reading Nikonians, I've been highly interested in the new Nikon 105mm micro VR lens. When I asked the store manager about it, he promptly laughed and said a macro lens would never be made with VR -- it just wouldn't be done. I told him I'd been reading about it at Nikonians and it was shipping; I was surprised as a Nikon dealer he didn't know about it. He proceeded to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about... before I walked out, my wife told him "my husband is a Nikonian--he DOES know what he is saying".
So, if I didn't score any other points, at least my wife thinks I'm smarter being a Nikonian! I will not argue with that since it tends to help with the NAS.

Dean Mueller (boatman) Tennessee, USA

Nikonians has been a great experience helping me to come a long way in a short time. I love the respect that Nikonians offers to each other, which seems to adhere to an underlying philosophy that no matter your level of expertise, we were all beginners once.
Albert J. Valentino (Valentino) USA
I just received written confirmation of my acceptance to go and study photography in Glasgow ... what I wanted to do was thank all those on Nikonians who have helped, encouraged and inspired me along the way. I have learned so much around here from reading and getting advice from top photographers who give so freely of their time. Ultimately it was the inspiring images from the likes of Shutterkid, Marsel, DaveC and others that made me think 'they learned, I can too' and this was probably the deciding factor to go after my dream. I was told Nikonians was a special place for photographers and all I can do is reiterate the assertion and offer my heartfelt thanks.
Anndra Dubhacan (Dubhacan) Nikonian in West Coast Highlands, Scotland

I am truly impressed by how helpful and supportive the Nikonian Community is ……… Very. Many Thanks
Paul McDougald (McPaul) Nikonian in Winnipeg, Canada

Thank you, I keep coming back as I find this community a great source of inspiration.
It has helped me become a better photographer. Also, thanks, by using the NikoScope search engine I found out that there are many Nikonians from Slovenia. Best regards

Igor Voljc (IgorV) Nikonian in Slovenia
I need to thank everyone who contributes here. At the time I first found you I didn't know the difference between the manual lenses and the AF lenses, not to mention all the changes with "G" lenses and all the rest. I was completely overwhelmed! All I knew was that I wanted a 50. And after reading here, I also learned that I wanted the D70, so I saved up and bought it **happy dance** thanks guys! If it wasn't for the information that you all contribute here I would have been at the mercy of some sales clerk who may or may not know what they are doing.
Tami Sweitzer, Nikonian in Florida, USA
After discovering this site and the D-70 forum in particular, I decided to purchase the D-70 kit
Parker Waters, (Dubya) Nikonian in New Orleans, USA

I used to be a moderator and server administrator for a the main UK gamers website for a major first person shooter. Believe me, some of the tantrums I used to have to handle there were peanuts compared to what we see here. I know how hard it is to keep a balance between effective moderation which avoids letting someone abuse the forums and heavy handed censorship which stunts the sense of community a forum has. I visit here directly because I believe that this forum's moderators have gotten that balance just right.
Noel Holland, Nikonian in the UK
I joined because I found the members warm and friendly. When I joined, I was a newbe at SLR and recovering from cancer treatment. It didn't matter what kind of technical or stupid question I asked, I was unfailingly met with encouragement and answers to even my stupid (ignorant, I guess) questions. Nobody treated me like I was ignorant, and that meant a lot. I've tried to give back to this forum as I learned a new trick or technique and could share that with someone who didn't know. Even though my photography usually pales to what I see posted by others.
Betty LaRue, (echo rider) Nikonian in Oklahoma, USA

A friend from class recommended this site and it's been extremely helpful. People have been helpful and supportive. Thanks.
Mary Lincoln (incn) Nikonian in Michigan, USA

The site is fantastic! I have particularly enjoyed the insights provided …. Look forward to drawing on your expertise as I move forward with my education.

Ted Prush (tedp105) Nikonian in New York, USA
Hi, I just discovered your site and am very impressed….. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you and hope to gain a lot from this site ....
Richard Gibson (Rich Gibson) Nikonian in Virginia, USA

So, I'm looking for a good website to share some photos, get some feedback on what I shoot, and learn more about shooting ... Lo, Nikonians pops up on a search for Nikon users. What a great resource!

Brendan Obrien (flightdaddy) Nikonian in Florida, USA

This site has been a great source of information and help to me way out here in West Texas. I've enjoyed seeing Nikonians posting greetings from many places my wife and I have visited -- from Istanbul to Japan! …….. I look forward to participating however and whenever I can.
Rex Vermillion (Rvermillion) Nikonian in Texas, USA

I have discovered this great site about a week ago, and I've already found answers to some of my questions reading this forum…….. I wish one day I can be of great help to the members. Presently it seems that I will be on the other end, getting the most benefit out of this forum.
Tuluhan Ergunes (xn3ct) Nikonian in Istanbul, Turkey

Just found this site and am looking forward to finding out more about it.

Natasha Mitsuhashi, Nikonian in Japan
Hi Nikonians, I am so glad to meet you all. 
Peter Hols (phols) Nikonian in The Netherlands

Hi Friends, I learnt about this site from a forum where a lot of Indian photography enthusiasts hang out. I am pleased to be here. I hope I learn from you folks and learn about photography too.
Shailesh Kuber (SharpShooter) Nikonian in Mumbai, India


Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum and have learned so much. Such a wonderful site and I'm looking forward to contributing as I now seem to have more regular access to a computer. Long live Nikonians!
Alan Li (Pongo) Nikonian in Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone, my name is Murray and I live in southern England. Just joined today and I'm very pleased to be a member of what looks like a great virtual community.
Murray Low, Nikonian in the United Kingdom

I see the talented people from this site and it makes me SMILE. I am slowly remembering my photography and finding what I could do again. All of the photographs I see in this site are from not amateurs or professionals BUT PHOTOGRAPHERS, a group of people from across the world who may have never met but have communicated thru their photos. I am proud that this group has answered my questions and let me find a passion that I had put away for awhile. THANK YOU ALL!!! 
Dennis Benekos (DRB) Nikonian in Illinois, USA

I've just signed up... how exciting.
Jenny Maresh, Nikonian in the United Kingdom

I found this forum today searching the net for information about some Nikkors and I was astonished by the richness of interesting topics.
Kris B. Flasar (Grizzly) Nikonian in Austria

This is a treasure. The information at Nikonians is great, and I am glad and honored to be part of this group. Marcelo Mec (marcmec) Nikonian in Texas, USA

I too have been in the shadows for the past few months; reading, learning, absorbing and occasionally contributing a thought here and there. You were very influential in my decision to go Nikon. I'm a former Mauian transplanted into the Pacific Northwest (better fishing).
Ralph Ogata (rogata) Nikonian in Washington, USA

I just registered after lurking around here for a week or so, enjoying not only the wealth of information but also (and perhaps most) the friendly atmosphere in the forums. I find it very refreshing compared to other sites I know, where the lack of courtesy and civility can sometimes be a bit tiring. Still not decided on what to get, but it will be a Nikon outfit. Glad to be here & looking forward to seeing you in the forums! 
Kenneth Nyberg (Humanist) Nikonian in Göteborg, Sweden

I just stumbled across this site only a few hours ago, got excited with all the resources and helpfulpeople on the forums that I had to sign up and maybe get a email address!
Matthew Fong

I'm a new Nikonian from Venezuela looking forward to share information with all this community.
Great job in this page.
Hugo Padron (hpathe) Nikonian in Venezuela.

You have a wonderful site and valuable resource for we Nikon users/lovers.
Dennis Fraser, Nikonian in Illinois, USA

Well after about 3 months of trawling throught the net I have finally found my mecca, made even better by the shear passion and positivity for photography. Pleasure to see there are so many Nikon fans out there, and really looking forward to taking part in this wonderful site. There isn't a better Nikon site than Nikonians. Keep up the great work! Steve Lew
Did you know Nikonians is the first webby I visit each time my computer is switched on?
Meng Yew Choy (mychoy) Nikonian in Singapore


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