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WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT OUR ANPATS (Annual Nikonians Photo Aventure Trips)

The ANPAT is all about sharing, learning and inspiring, out in the field. A great opportunity to get out of your daily routine, and fully dedicate yourself to your passion in the company of great fellow Nikonians. You will be tired when you come back -we shoot from sunrise to sunset- but you will have a big smile on your face from this wonderful experience where the laughs are not scarce and the gorgeous images made by you ... seem to just happen.

It has been most to rewarding to hear what our own members have to say about our community. Our highest appreciation to all of you.

But they also have much to say about our Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Trips (ANPATs).
To our faithful ANPAT repeaters, thanks a lot.

Below a sample of their comments on our ANPATs.

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A huge vote of thanks to Chris, Glenda, Mark and everyone else who put this event (3rd ANPAT) together. I was quite impressed with the care and attention that went into making it flow so smoothly. All in all, a very enjoyable week! I've never been rained on together with a better bunch of folks. It was a pleasure meeting everyone. Looking forward to next year.
Bob Johnson (bobj), Nikonian in Seattle Washington, USA 

Bob is now a full-time professional photographer

I would like to echo the comments of the other participants in the ANPAT, it was just a great time. Chris, Glenda and Mark deserve a great deal of credit for making all of us feel at home and working so hard to insure we came away with some wonderful memories and hopefully great photos. Thanks to each of you, and many thanks to all the Nikonians who shared their knowledge and experience with those of us who needed help.
James Fitzgerald (JimFitz)
A New Jersey Nikonian USA

Jim has attended all ANPATs since

What can I say? The ANPAT exceeded my expectations in every way. I knew I would meet great people and have some great shooting locations, but it was even better than I expected. I canít wait for next yearís ANPAT!
Jonathan Bloom (jbloom)
A Connecticut Nikonian USA

Jon is by now another ANPAT frequent repeater.

This trip will live forever in my head, and I must tell you all that my wife (who is not a photographer) was extremely envious after all the stories I told her.
Rimon Rafiah (Rimon), Nikonian in Jerusalem, Israel

Rimon comes all the way from Israel to join us at the ANPATs and has since also attended other Nikonians Workshops in the US.
Hey folks. I had a great time on the trip. I learned a lot about equipment, techniques, and visions to a certain extent. I agree with Chuck, learning how others-see is very interesting and deserves more attention. In the future we'll have to explore that, both on-line and the real-world. 
George Barron (N80), Nikonian in South Carolina, USA

Ok guys: What a trip! (1st ANPAT) The Nantahala National Forest received us with the best of its palette of colors. My granddaughter, with her huge eyes in awe just said: "Not even in my dreams I have imagined such falls". Neither did I know I could photograph them like that, thanks to fellow ANPAT goers. Our special thanks to Doug and Duck for an splendid job as guides and coaches and for the non-stop laughter. Now let's make it a tradition.
J. Ramon Palacios (jrp), Nikonian in Mexico

Ramon, one of our two founders, has been faithful to his promise and makes sure an ANPAT is organized every year. He has only missed ANPAT 9th.

Here I am in Denver (after the 4th ANPAT) for a good night's sleep before I head back home tomorrow from the Moab trip. First impressions - GREAT!!!  I'm sure a few(!) pictures from the trip will eventually make their way on to the site, but remember that whatever you see here can't begin to describe the enjoyment of the trip. Thanks to all who had a part in making it happen.
Bob Tomerlin (drjimbob), Nikonians Moderator Emeritus from Maryland, USA

"Clicker" and myself would like to express to BJ and Lori our sincere appreciation for everything they did to make our first Nikonians Trip a memorable experience. To all the other Nikonians THANK YOU, we met as strangers and from our point of view we left as friends, waiting for the next time we can get together. OH, Clicker added another 200 lbs to the truck before we got home this afternoon. JRP and Bo, I hope you are gratified with the fruits of your dreams. Thanks Again ALL
Chris Gray (wpgf100) , Nikonian in Manitoba, Canada
What a frigging great trip !!!!! Okay... First to BJ and Lori.. bravo for a great trip...BJ, your knowledge of local geology is amazing!!!! To all the rest.....what a neat experience to meet everyone ....I will not list all, because I will forget someone.. I will make a special note for Chuck Digging's mom...what a super sweet lady!!!! A special thanks for Stan for letting me share a room... It was nice to meet both Joe from RRS, and Mr. Mah of Markins (one of his ball heads is safe at home with me). And finally, three cheers for Bo & JRP for creating this site that gives us all the chances to meet one another!!! Already looking forwards to next year's trip (Canada, Alaska or whatever)!!!!
Mark Wagner (mwagner1), Nikonian in Texas, USA
As last year, excellent format and this year we lucked out on the weather and elk. Well planned and well run. The dining set up was very good. Box lunch for breakfast worked out well. Final banquet was beautiful. Nice lodgings and meeting rooms. All in all, another great ANPAT!
Bernie Wall (Bernie), NY Nikonian, USA
It was with great anxiety and trepidation that I traveled to meet that I knew were outstanding photographers. I, who had only been seriously photographing since 2001, was placing myself in the midst a bunch of semi-professional experienced photographers. My fears were very quickly laid to rest upon meeting Bo, Ramon, and Rick at the airport because they were real down-to-earth nice guys! Then came the introductions to my fellow ANPAT colleagues Ė What a great group of people! I originally was strictly interested in the photographic opportunity of Rocky Mountain National Park, but I found that I enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow image makers more than the actual photography. We looked out for each other, taught and learned from one another, and kept ourselves awake in those very early van rides. I have to publicly confess that I had never taken a sunrise photograph before this trip. I donít do mornings very well. I also enjoyed several philosophical discussions with Bo as we hiked up and down the trails. I hope to be able to share again a week with fellow Nikonians as we collectively try to capture the world in images that are uniquely ours.
Rick Matheny (RHMJR2), Connecticut Nikonian, USA
Generally, I prefer taking pictures alone. Nobody to wait for, nobody waiting for me. But the experience with the ANPAT group was more than worth putting those preferences aside. The friendships, the laughs, and sharing information and ideas made this a memorable and extremely worthwhile week. The wide experience range of the participants allowed me to both learn and to help others. There is no doubt I came away a better photographer than I was at the start of the week.
Cliff Lawson (CliffL), Nikonian in Colorado, USA
This was a great trip for me because I got to see the most beautiful place I've seen thus far, I learned a great deal about photography and my camera, and I got to meet a number of nice people who were extremely knowledgeable about photography and Nikon cameras. The trip was well organized and well-run. It was the perfect time of the year to be there. It was nice to have a beginnerís group but also to be able to switch vans and meet and learn from other people. It was very thoughtful to have a roommate who used the same type of camera that I did. It was a great trip. I saw some beautiful sights, got some great pictures, learned a lot about my camera, and met a number of nice people who also share my enthusiasm for photography and Nikon cameras.
Rob Moody (different_drummer), Nikonian in Georgia, USA

The 6th was my third ANPAT. The 5th was my second, the first being number 4.
Would I come back next year? Ė In a heartbeat!
This ANPATs are a great experience.
I will keep on going to the ANPATs for as long as I can.

Pete Wilson (Pete Wilson), Nikonian in Missouri, USA

Pete also attended the 7th, 8th and 9th ANPATs and has already booked his place for the 10th
And the list goes on and on for all ANPATs.........

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