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Privacy policies at and Nikonians powered sites

We believe it's very important that each user feels confident in our privacy policies, hence we have compiled this privacy statement.

1. As a visiting user of any of our sites, we collect the following information: Access date & time, type of browser, country, domain name, IP address and pages viewed. This information is used for improving the content and design of our sites.

2. By visiting any of our sites, a cookie (a small file) will be stored on your computer. Our sites may not provide full functionality if the cookie cannot be stored on your computer, specifically login to forums may not be possible.

3. If you click on any advertisment or any link on our sites we collect the access date & time and IP address.

4. If you register as a community member we store your first name, last name and email address.

5. If you enter data into your user profile we store that information. The data in the profile can only be seen by other registered members. No member can see your email address. Administrators have access to your email address.

6. If you have enabled the community feature "Automatically login when I return" (See User Menu > Preferences > Community Settings), a cookie will be stored on your local computer to allow you to automatically login to the community.

7. We do not sell any user information to any other party. If you participate in any of our surveys, results from the statistical analysis of anonymized data (that is, bundled and stripped of names) may be provided to our sponsors who are helping us to sustain the growth of

8. As a registered member, you will receive email information from us from time to time, but this is then information pertaining directly to the community. We do not send out emails often, but when we do we feel that the information is important and that all registered users should be informed about that specific issue. If you don't want to receive any emails from our community, you may send us an email and we will remove your account. This also means that your registration at Nikonians is cancelled completely.

9. If you subscribe to message threads in forums or to our newsletters, you will automatically receive emails. You can unsubscribe to these messages or newsletters at any time by following the directions in the email.

10. If you request to be informed about answers on a message posted by you, you will automatically receive emails containing those answers.

11. If you decide to post a comment in our blog system, you must register a username and email address with TypeKey authentication services, a system which is not related to Nikonians. More on their privacy statement at

12. Our sites are Pop-Up & Spyware Ad Free. We follow this Pop-Up Free Code of Conduct:
  a) We do not serve pop-up or pop-under advertising on any of our Web sites.
  b) We do not offer services that install hidden, ad-supported programs onto users' computers on any of our sites.
  c) We do not knowingly work with companies who engage in advertising through spyware, hidden ad-supported downloads or similar ad activities, to drive users to any of our Web sites or to others.

Nikonians®, NikoScope, Nikonians Galleries, Nikonians Resources, Nikonians News & Blogs, Nikonians Wiki/FAQ/Help, The Nikonian eZine, Nikonians Academy, and Photo Pro Shop are operated by Nikonians EMEA Ltd. and Nikonians North America Inc. We are not affiliated to the Nikon Corporation in any way.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policies, or any other questions, get in touch with us.

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