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Who we are

We are a top-tier reference community helping digital and film photographers to shorten their individual learning curve and to improve their own photography skills and results while making long lasting friendships across borders and often continents. Nikonians saves you time, money and pain.

Nikonians motto reveals its purpose: Share, Learn, Inspire. We expect you to come in to share what you know and to benefit from others sharing what they do know. Through that sharing you help others learn and also learn more yourself in the process. The shared knowledge and the images produced should inspire others to progress in their pursuit to master photography and also inspire you.
Nikonians is a not for profit community. That means that all revenue generated through the community is reinvested in the community to maintain it and sustain its growth.

Nikonians® is the community for all passionate Nikon® users, worldwide home for Nikon photographers. Our sites and services are for all of you who either suspect or know that a Nikon makes a difference. The community, its sites and operating entities are owned by Bo Stahlbrandt and José Ramón Palacios. Both of us are Nikonians, that is, we believe in Nikon technology and we use Nikon imaging equipment extensively. These sites are not related or affiliated in any way to Nikon Corporation nor to any of its subsidiaries and/or affiliates.

We believe you are a professional or amateur photographer, that you want to share ideas, images and opinions, have fast access to the latest Nikon product information and industry news, share real hands-on experiences, images and facts  - and that you know what you want:  Nikon.

We wish to present this community as a humble tribute to:

  • The Nikon brand that has given us and so many others so much joy in photography
  • The pioneering efforts of all those anonymous engineers who have made, and continue to make extraordinary advances possible within photography
  • The generous Nikon corporate loyalty to all the users world wide, clearly manifested through the possibility to use nearly any Nikkor® lens on any Nikon camera ever made.

We want to provide an open, easily accessible and honest community for Nikon users on the web. All of our members are encouraged to openly and respectfully communicate on this platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible practical advice on photography, in a friendly, creative and inspiring atmosphere for ambitious photographers of all skill levels and demanding imaging professionals where there is room for each photographer to share, learn, inspire and be inspired.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the worldwide home for all Nikon photographers, regardless of their level of expertise or location.
With your help and support we know we can fulfill that vision.

New members are expected to become contributing paying members if and as soon as they happen to like this community and appreciate the resource it is for their enjoyment and progress as photographers. Their support is appreciated and needed to help sustain the growth of the community. To see the benefits of upgrading your membership, aside from having the pride of contributing to supplement the founders efforts, click here.
 Among those benefits are membership rewards and eligibility to participate in our photo contests and workshops.

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Contact information

You can get in touch with us online, right here

Or by postal mail here:

In Europe In North America
Nikonians EMEA, Ltd
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Nikonians North America, Inc
4224 Florida Avenue, Suite 5
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United States of America
  PhotoProShop USA +1 (504) 264-2698

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