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Subject: "Welcome to the New to Photography forum" This topic is locked.
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This message is locked.
jrp Administrator JRP is one of the co-founders, has in-depth knowledge in various areas. Awarded for his contributions for the Resources Charter MemberSat 07-Feb-09 07:35 PM
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"Welcome to the New to Photography forum"
Tue 21-Jun-11 10:42 AM by jrp

San Pedro Garza García, MX

Be very welcome.

We created this forum for those who are either:
a) New to Photography
b) New to Photography with a Nikon
c) New to Digital Photography

We all started as beginners, but there was no Nikonians then.
Shy of making questions -even more of making the wrong questions- it took us long to learn, limited to do so by watching others and reading many books through endless nights, alone.
There was not much generosity for sharing hard acquired photography knowledge. Defending their livelihood, professionals behaved like the alchemists of early times, protecting their arcane secrets from the prying eyes of the uninitiated. Nikonians was created to change all of that and more.

Here we propose to discuss all that you may need to start with the right foot and advance fast, shortening the learning curve, whether you are new to photography or just new to digital photography or new to DSLR photography with a Nikon. Remember, at Nikonians no question is stupid.

Also, we intend to enrich references at the Wiki, Resources and blogs, also expanding on the podcasts and eZine.

What would be a good path for you to follow?

We want you to feel absolutely free to ask at this forum anything related to ....

I. Photography Basics

  1. Aperture - f/stop

  2. Shutter speed

  3. Exposure

  4. Focal length
  5. . See for example this short article which was started as a lens primer. Then ...

  6. FOV (field of view)

  7. Magnification

  8. DOF (Depth of field) and Hyperfocal distance

  9. ISO
  10. . Also, particularly to digital photography...

  11. Shooting JPEG, TIFF or RAW (NEF) files

  12. White Balance

  13. Color space (sRGB, RGB, etc)

  14. Histograms

  15. DX and FX formats and FOV implications.

  16. Handholding technique

  17. Composition (We will keep updating links here to splendid material we already have at the Wiki and the Resources)

  18. What makes a good photograph (sharpness, acutance and contrast, composition, clear subject, foregrounds, leading lines, story, mood, etc)

After that, what follows is ...

II. Master your Nikon camera forums. Here, in this forum, we can talk about things that are common to all models, to allow you to move on to your specific model Nikon Camera Users Group more comfortably.

Then or simultaneously, you can continue on to the ....

III. Master your Lenses

IV. Master your tools forums
a) Nikon speedlights and Lighting, camera support, filters
b) Postprocessing (reading/viewing, enhancing, cataloging, printing, etc)

Next stop: ...

V. Master your Vision forums There are more than several topics, advice we collectively can give you here - independently of specialty, so you can continue on to the specialty forum or forums of your preference, like Landscape, Macro, Photojournalism and many others.

And finally, first to ....
VI. Advanced techniques forums (HDR, Infrared & Ultraviolet, Panorama, others)

and later to ...
VII. Going beyond, Out of the box (Abstract, Visual Arts Photography, ....) that we are preparing.

Our intention is to provide you with enough reference material so that you won't need to do much search on your own here or elsewhere. Links to those references will be added and/or updated at this very same welcome post on a regular basis.
We will also be integrating more topics at the Wiki and updating articles, guides, tips and tricks at the Resources and elsewhere.

At the same time, we want you to fully enjoy the Nikonians friendly experience. Start sharing your images at the Image Sharing forums.
When you are ready for some specific advice, post at the Constructive Critique, Artistic and Technical Advice forum
Try yourself at the Online Photo Assignments forum

This is a vast community and resource and it may take some time to familiarize yourself with it.
To that effect, you may want to check this post welcoming new members with some leads to important items.

Again, welcome!
Nikonians learn, share and inspire.


Have a great time
JRP (Founder & Administrator. Nikonian at the north-eastern Mexican desert) Gallery, Brief Love Story, The Team
Join the Silver, Gold and Platinum members that help this happen; upgrade. Join your personal web site to the Nikonians WebRing
Make sure you check our workshops at The Nikonians Academy and the product catalog of the Photo Pro Shop


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