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Valentino Gold Member Awarded for high level skills in landscape and wildlife photography Nikonian since 04th Dec 2004Sun 22-Jun-08 12:52 AM
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"Image Posting Guidleines: Please Read"
Fri 10-Sep-10 04:29 PM by Valentino


Below are a few image posting guidelines for the landscape forum as well the monthly contest. Generally speaking this forum is nature-based. However, there are a few grey areas we want to address so everyone knows what types of images are, and are not, acceptable to post here. Those that are not will be moved to the appropriate forum such as; A Picture I Took, Panorama, Macro/Close-Up, Architechtural....

Acceptable: nature landscapes, buildings like castles…that are in a landscape setting as that provides context, bridges, cityscapes looking from the outside in like a skyline, fireworks, lunar or stellar captures like the milky way and certainly star trails, parks inside a city where the subject is the park, or the park in the city, NOT a city with a park.

Unacceptable: People in landscapes such that the person attracts enough attention to become the subject of the image. A person, or people, that are small and unavoidable, or in background are okay. City streets, shot from within a city, like a neighborhood with buildings are not considered landscapes. Single or small group of flowers close-up belong in the Macro/close-up forum, but rows of flowers, especially if they include a distinct pattern are okay.

Stitched panoramas belong in the Panorama forum. However, stitched landscape panoramas are welcome in the monthly challenge . Cropped-single images, i.e., unstitched images, that have a aspect ratio like a panorama are okay to post here. This distinction is made since in addition to the aspect ratio, the method of stitching and capture technique used to create the resulting panorama provides useful information for those trying to learn and be inspired. Therefore, stitched panoramas should only be posted in the Panorama forum (except contests).

Also, digitally enhanced images are acceptable as long as they look more like a photo than art - this guideline is more critical in monthly contests than regular posts where this guideline may be slightly relaxed. We will have an annual 'Digital Art' competition to allow members to showcase their digital darkroom skills.

These guidelines may be slightly modified but the theme should be such that you would call the image a landscape capture Also, if you are not aware, Nikonians now offers a dedicated Infrared and Ultraviolet forum.

Thanks and Happy Posting!!!

Albert J Valentino
Nikonian Moderator Emeritus

Vantage Point Images
Mastery of Composition is the Key to Great Photography


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dm1dave Administrator
03rd Jun 2013

dm1dave Administrator Awarded for high level knowledge and skills in various areas, most notably in Wildlife and Landscape Writer Ribbon awarded for his excellent article contributions to the Nikonians community Nikonian since 12th Sep 2006Mon 03-Jun-13 12:39 AM
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#20. "RE: Image Posting Guidleines: Please Read"
In response to Reply # 0
Wed 24-Sep-14 06:08 AM by jrp

Lowden, US

Please note that our Terms of Use reflect the following guidelines for posting of images at Nikonians.

3.4. Traffic is an important cost component but Nikonians is more concerned about a big number of visitors who are not on broad band Internet and/or may go through numerous hops to get to our sites; please help by posting in the forums a prudent number of images per post; or a reasonable number of links to outside images per day.

3.5. In the forums, please limit the image size to no more than 1,200 pixels wide (if horizontal) and no more than 900 pixels tall (for vertical images). This is to avoid scrolling.

3.6. In the forums, there is a maximum 300KByte limit to each image posted, and you will get an error message trying to upload any bigger image file. This makes for a better experience for dial up users and helps keep network traffic costs down.

Example of re-sizing process to reach under 300KB from Photoshop (similar process in other tools):
a. Open your file.
b. Image > Image Size
Set the widest dimension to 1,200 Pixels (maximum for horizontal compositions) or 900 pixels tallest (maximum for vertical compositions) resolution to 72 or 96 pixels/inch.
c. File > Save for Web Option
d. Verify file size (or set to under 300KByte)
e. Save as a jpg type file

Silver, Gold and Platinum members may link to their Nikonians gallery for an inline image to appear in a post in the forums. In forums direct uploading, the image can be up to 1200 pixels on the widest side and 900 pixels on the tallest side, 300KB file size; so the medium size version at the gallery should be linked if the full size original exceeds these parameters.

The galleries image pages now show a "For forum post:" link, under the "Direct link:"
The 'For forum post:' link will display the medium sized image in your forum post and will automatically have an embedded clickable link to the large image page
Just copy/paste it into your post (brackets included).

All members may link to images stored on external servers. These will appear as links rather than in-line images. Out of courtesy to fellow members we ask you to please warn about the size of the file being linked to, e.g., (4,945kb) or by at least typing: “warning: big file.” Remember: When a large tree is coming down in the woods, there is always someone shouting: “Timber!”

Also, we suggest you limit the number of image links in a post to a reasonable number; ideally to only one. Consider that if you post too many links, seldom someone will have the patience to look at them.

Details on posting images can be found in the Nikonians Wiki here:

Dave Summers
Lowden, Iowa
Nikonians Photo Contest Director

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