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blw Moderator Awarded for his high level of expertise in various areas Nikonian since 18th Jun 2004Wed 09-Dec-09 12:56 AM
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#4. "RE: Extended Warrenties on Cameras?"
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Richmond, US

> Does Nikon recommend (or from your experience is it good) to have routine, yearly cleanings of the camera body?

The correct period for cleaning the sensor is "whenever it's dusty enough to cause problems with the image." And that can be far less than a year (I've had to do it three times in a day at least once) or it could be longer than a year. It depends on your photographic style (smaller apertures make dust more visible than large ones), your practices (do you change lenses a lot?), and your environment (changing lenses in your office is probably much less problematic than doing so in the desert). And there is more than one type of cleaning the sensor: the least intrusive (and least expensive) is a simple rocket blower that blows dust out. A rocket blower looks a lot like a turkey baster. For more stubborn dirt, you may need to do a "wet clean" - which involves sterile things that look like Q-tips with special thread-less materials and special cleaning fluid. Again, this might range from an activity you might have to do twice in a vacation or once every other year. (I haven't done a wet clean since early 2008, although I shoot two cameras, change lenses a lot in the field, and generally do a lot more photography by volume than most people.)

If you really mean cleaning the body, you don't want to do that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nikon have no preventative maintainance schedule.

I would not (and do not) take extended warranties on basically anything except a car. So far I have eight Nikon cameras and only one of them have required a repair that would have been covered by an extended warranty. I am not especially prone to accidents, though. If you are, that might be a good reason for the extended warranty.

Here's another way of looking at this. It will take a class C (ie fairly major) repair to cost more than the $179 price of the extended warranty. Accidents aside, the chances aren't good that you'll have a class C repair in the four years after your Nikon warranty expires. It could certainly happen, but the chances aren't high. Whether or not you have a failure, you're paying for a class B repair up front. Moreover, what do you think of the chances of your upgrading the camera and/or lens within five years? The warranty doesn't transfer.

Brian... a bicoastal Nikonian and Team Member

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