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Subject: "RE: My open letter to Nikon re: D5000 advisory" Previous topic | Next topic
Covey22 Moderator Expert in various fields including aviation photography Awarded for his contributions to the Resources and The Nikonian eZine Charter MemberThu 20-Aug-09 01:37 PM
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#1. "RE: My open letter to Nikon re: D5000 advisory"
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Thu 20-Aug-09 01:42 PM by Covey22


You can see by my articles on the Nikonians News Feed that I'm not a screaming-meemy fanboy of Nikon. My philosophy is that you love something enough, you'll know when to critique it for it's good and bad. And yes, I did write up the D5000 advisory articles on the News Feed since it first became public knowledge.

But to be honest, I'm really surprised at the backlash. Yes, Nikon dropped the ball by having a second round "stealth advisory." Yet, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the negativity is partly because most of the D5000 buyers are first-time Nikon DSLR owners, and the people critiquing Nikon apparently have very short memories.

Those of us who have followed the fortunes of the Nikon camera family recall two DSLR advisories that stand out in contrast to this latest situation: namely, the D2H meter failures and the D70 BGLOD (Blinking Green Light of Death).

Some immediate differences:

* There was a groundswell of anecdotal failures being reported in the field before Nikon thought of putting up advisories on said older cameras. This was the most damaging aspect - your customers are holding broken products in their hands and are queueing up, yet you have no prepared statement or even acknowledgement that it is a widespread and consistent failure.

* Critics believe the D5000 advisory is sparse. If you want to see what sparse really means, look in the Nikon KnowledgeBase archives for the D2H and D70 advisories - by comparison, the D5000 page is practically chatty and talkative.

* In certain regions like the US, Nikon set up a dedicated facility strictly to address this issue. Yes, other regions still routed their inspections to their established repair depots, but the decision to actually increase efficiency by not impacting current depots (read more expense on the part of maker with no-pass back to the consumer) is more than generous given the state of the economy at large.

Quite frankly, the 2nd round "stealth advisory," is a big gaffe, but compared to the previous attempts, this one is very open, on-the-table and head-and-shoulders above. Yes, demand better, but trend to understand if this is a downward dip or an improvement. Do some fact checking before damning the maker.

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20th Aug 2009
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