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frankie Basic MemberSat 20-Jan-01 07:42 PM
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#1. "RE: Popular Photography, February 2001, issue"
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Oh it really doesn't surprise me... In the music biz it happens all the time. In the 50's a guitar called the "Flying V" was made for the youth of that era - it's the one that looks like a V shape... Really bloody ugly.

Nobody liked them and they ended up being a very very limited production run. They were made of Carina wood - a specially resonant wood - although those guitars weren't really tone guitars, more like noise guitars electronics-wise.

Anyway, there are about 125 of the original ones left in the world. Do you want to buy one? Be prepared to shell out $120,000 for a guitar that Gibson couldn't GIVE AWAY in the 50's.

There are lots of people who'll gladly step up to the plate to purchase these jokes of the industry. Most of the time they're not even really interested in the applied field, and are more interested in it as an investment.

It's also timing... It's well known when an object attains high-value and that is when it's usually put into circulation by speculators and rumour builders.

That's why old F's don't command that sort of money, nor do most other old goods (like my vintage 1920's "whisker-crystal" AM radio - worth on the used market about 10$ if I can find someone really stupid enough to buy it.

Case in point: I wanted an old Bell metal 301 desk-set - like modern dial phones except they were cast iron, had a seperate ringer box and a great handset with a cupped mouthpiece. My dad told me you could buy them in the late 50's from Bell after they left rental-circulation for about $20 Canadian a set. I found one a couple years ago and the guy wanted $300 for it WITHOUT the bell-box...

So I got a cellphone instead...



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A general, generic topicPopular Photography, February 2001, issue [View all] , f5fstop Awarded for his contributions to the Resources , Sat 20-Jan-01 05:53 PM
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20th Jan 2001
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24th Feb 2001

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