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MEMcD Moderator In depth knowledge in various areas Nikonian since 24th Dec 2007Wed 06-Mar-13 05:57 AM
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#2. "RE: Off-Camera Master"
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Hi Don,

>I am trying to duplicate a methon Sly Arean uses with Canon
>equipment. I am using a D7000. I have an SB 900 connected via
>SB-28 cord to my D7000 hotshoe.

The SC-28 is 9ft. long.

>I want to locate the SB-900
>some distance from the camera and make it the Master. It would
>send infrared signals to other flashes that set their power
>levels and fire those flashes. My goal at this point is to use
>Manual power on all flashes. Since the SB900 it is not
>located at the camera I want to control all groups from a
>camera menu. I don't see how to do that.

That is because it can't be done.
If you use the SB-900 as Commander you must make all of the adjustments in the SB-900's menu. The SB-900 in Commander mode will allow you to control the power level of the SB-900 and up to 3 remote groups.

>I thought I might set the camera's menu to Commander, and set
>the power for the Built-In flash in the camera menu to one
>value, say M, 1/4 (i.e. the SB-900'power level) and other
>groups to perhaps a different power, Manual control. The
>SB-900 would be set to On. This must not be correct, because
>when I set the on-board menu to turn off all flashes, the
>SB900, connected by SB-28 still flashes.

Again, when a Speedlight is in the cameras hotshoe or attached by the SC-28 TTL extension cord the built-in Speedlight is disabled so you can not use the built-in Speedlights menu or controls.
You must set the SB-900 to Commander mode and make any adjustments in the SB-900s menu.

>If I set the SB900 to Master, i.e. using the switch on the
>SB900, I can set the power levels on flashes correctly, but
>only from the menu on the SB900. This defeats the ability to
>set the everything from camera postion. This is the procedure
>I would use with the SB900 mounted on the camera hot shoe, and
>still acting as a commander. In that case the menu in camera
>is really not used at all.


>Looks like what I want to accomplish is not possible.


You can use set the Built-in Speedlight to Commander mode and control up to two groups of remote Speedlights via the camera menu.

You can also use an SU-800, SB-800, SB-900, or SB-910 on camera in Commander mode to control up to three remote groups via the Speedlights menu.
You can use an SB-700 on camera to control up to two remote groups via the Speedlights menu.

If you don't want the built-in Speedlight to contribute to the exposure you can set it to -- and use an SG-3IR to convert the white light to Infrared light.

Another option is to use a Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 in the cameras hotshoe with an AC3 Zone Controller in the on camera PW hotshoe to control up to three remote groups from the camera position.
Good Luck and Enjoy your Nikons!

Best Regards,


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