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This is a hot, active topic! Musings on a D4
I notice that people are almost civil on another photography site so I started thinking th
Carl B 28-Jun-09 04:39 AM
by EpicDan
This is a hot, active topic! Nikon D2 summer next year...
I heard whispers from a thrustworthy source that the D2 will be launched around summer nex
pkuyper 25-Jul-02 12:59 PM
by warpdrv10
This is a hot, active topic! Have you shot film lately?
Since I got my D100 last July my F100 has been sitting iddle. I've even taken it along in
herbet 14-Mar-03 06:59 AM
by Kntfst
This is a hot, active topic! D2x´s noise
Dear Nikonians, first of all i would like to state very clearly that this posting shouldn
Virgil 13-Jan-06 07:22 PM
by jrcooper_uk
This is a hot, active topic! Arrrggghh! I am totally unhappy with my D2X
I posted a while ago with a focusing problem with my D2X. I received some really good tips
alanch1 15-Feb-06 02:39 AM
by walkerr
This is a hot, active topic! Choosing a 2nd camera!
If you own a D2X, finance is OK and you decide to buy a 2nd camera, what model would you c
Mark Wells Gold Member02-Apr-06 11:55 PM
by delaneyb
This is a hot, active topic! Survey On Function Button On D2X
I am curious as to what most of you use your function button for if at all. I have mine se
Mikey264 06-May-06 06:15 PM
by thehappyman
This is a hot, active topic! Any basis in reality for a DX3?
rumors about a DX3? I found this link http://www.kenrockwe on a Ca
nyc_shots 23-Jul-06 03:05 AM
by jb_va2001
This is a hot, active topic! D3 or Canon 5D?
The Canon 5D is half the price ($2500 at calunet) of a new D3.. A canon 5D body and a gr
pickwauket 31-Oct-07 03:19 PM
by James R
This is a hot, active topic! New Focus Problem on D3
Last week, I shot about 1500 shots at basketball games with the 85 f1.8. Focus was pret
DVDMike Silver Member01-Feb-08 04:10 PM
by Len Shepherd
This is a hot, active topic! how to clean D3 sensor
sorry if this has been discussed, but i need to clean my D3 sensor, but i wanted to make s
zoom2zoom 03-Jun-08 09:33 PM
by StreetPhotographer
This is a hot, active topic! Sorting out all the Info, MP versus Sensor Technology
OK, here I am, back again turning to the digital guru forum members. I've had the D3 sitt
MrsNikon Silver Member06-Apr-09 12:45 AM
by MrsNikon
This is a hot, active topic! D3x animosity
I am truly mystified at the amount of animosity towards the D3x I see from some in this fo
bcskir 29-Aug-09 05:18 PM
by Arkayem
This is a hot, active topic! comparing autofocus speed and quality on D700, D3, D3s
What is the difference in the method and mechanics of autofocus on the D700, D3, and D3s,
Jon Schwartz 17-Apr-10 12:06 PM
by DVDMike
This is a hot, active topic! D3X users and comments etc
I guess the D3X crowd is really small? I've been looking for current info and tips and tri
fineartdigital 26-Sep-10 04:42 AM
by tommiejeep
This is a hot, active topic! 300 f2/8 on a D3
Hi Everyone, I'm getting ready to purchase a 300mm f/2.8G ED IF II AF S VR II, I've been
BioSci Silver Member22-Oct-10 04:23 AM
by jgould2
This is a hot, active topic! D4X resolution limit
Dear All, I recently read a review of Leica's S2 system (hey, I can dream can't I? :))
AreBee 19-Aug-11 04:28 AM
by GroovyGeek
This is a hot, active topic! How long to get D4 delivery?
Has anyone ordered a D4 within the last month and had it delivered yet? I ordered mine Ja
cogrady Silver Member24-May-12 10:20 PM
by crznlow
This is a hot, active topic! D4 versus D800 at High ISO
When the subject cameras came out it was generally accepted that the D4 would have better
Mike in FL Silver Member24-Nov-13 03:07 PM
by austinted
This is a hot, active topic! D4 - Carrying
Questions on travelling and carrying a D4. This is a multiple part question - let us sa
srinir 11-Sep-14 08:09 AM
by gearsau
This is a hot, active topic! New Rumour
Just got info that Nikon is not going to launch D2, at least this year. Instead they will
pmirror 12-Feb-03 07:59 AM
by jrp
This is a hot, active topic! Wide Angle Options
I'm sure you all think about this too. I am wondering how to get a little wider. I have
fundy 08-Mar-03 06:01 PM
by kmiecmonster
This is a hot, active topic! D100 Lock Up
Very strange situation here gentleman. My D100 keeps producing black images. I mean noth
kmiecmonster 23-Apr-03 04:46 PM
by Newsphotog
This is a hot, active topic! Thom Hogan's first look on the D2H
, it's been posted on his site. (Update: I posted the above link to share Thom's opinion
avm247 Moderator Awarded for high skills in documentary architecture and aviation photography Donor Ribbon. Awarded for his support to the Fundraising Campaign 2014 23-Jul-03 11:43 AM
by DVDMike
This is a hot, active topic! Let's show our workspaces cont...
http://www.nikonians .org/cgi-bin/dcforum /dcboard.cgi?az=read _count&om=1099&forum =DCForumID
simplify 15-Aug-03 02:49 AM
by Xopher
This is a hot, active topic! Is Nikon's DX path a dead end?
Nikon’s decision to stick with the 1.5x DX sensor exclusively for the foreseeable future
gwprovost 18-Feb-04 07:56 PM
by gejepe
This is a hot, active topic! The digital dark ages
Since Nikon announced the F6 and the D2x there's been some talk about the future of film v
Karl 11-Oct-04 01:41 AM
by TexIndian
This is a hot, active topic! Advice on D2H, thinking of buying
Hello, I have been looking at the D2H since the price has dropped. I really do like my F
EricD 11-Jan-05 01:42 AM
by EricD
This is a hot, active topic! Reason to keep the D2X - Seriously
I know this has been talked about but now that the D200 has been announced I am faced wit
bcomer 26-Nov-05 11:06 AM
by seth
This is a hot, active topic! New Member with D2HS Ten photos
(OK i had to remove 7 of them i guess i need to read the rules the photos are in a Pbase g
grandp Silver Member16-Feb-06 12:04 AM
by PS_RagE