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Pinned topic Nikon F and the ZEN & Bahaus movement
On the fifty anniversary is great to get some light on the origins. Designin g the Nikon
migpower 24-Jan-14 09:49 PM
by JBS101
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Pinned topic Nikon F2 information...
Sover Wong has posted a page on his site showing what bodies he has worked on, listed by s
Kilted_F3_nut Moderator Skilled and passionate film photogtrapher 16-Jun-13 09:50 AM
by Tony1960
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Pinned topic Latest Manual Focus + RF camera scores... (Part II)
Time for a new thread. Anyway, what was your last or latest manual focus Nikon score?
Kilted_F3_nut Moderator Skilled and passionate film photogtrapher 02-Dec-14 07:49 AM
by Kilted_F3_nut
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A general, generic topic FG - Great little toy
I bought today a used FG camera. Condition is very good. I use an old Ricoh KR-10x with ve
_Robert_ 11-Aug-03 10:47 PM
by DJ
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A general, generic topic Nikkormat EL servicing?
Can anyone recommend a good repair center to get a Nokkormat EL meter calibrated. Thanks,
ztron 18-Apr-02 04:14 PM
by HTFoto
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A general, generic topic Back to the FM
Am waiting anxiously for the arrival of a chrome FM recently purchased on ebay. Had a blac
Zorki1c 07-Mar-04 11:21 PM
by yellowlab
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A general, generic topic FM3a temperature range
Does anybody know the working temperature range of this camera? I spent some time in the A
zorch 29-Oct-04 12:19 PM
by zorch
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A general, generic topic FM3a slow sync
Does anybody know what happens to shutter speed in FM3a when it is used with a TTL flash i
zorch 25-Nov-04 05:23 PM
by zorch
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A general, generic topic Fresnel lens, raster, microprism, split image...
I have an MF camera and use these things all the time for focusing but it seems that there
zorch 17-Dec-04 01:09 PM
by zorch
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A general, generic topic F3 vibration during exposure
Hello everyone in the MF discussion, I have a question regarding the sound that my F3 is
ZoneV Silver Member07-Nov-05 02:45 AM
by Kilted_F3_nut
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A topic tagged as having a question Suggest an F3 finder for flat copywork
Hey guys, So, I'm hoping to do some copywork this summer -- all the family's old photos.
ZoneV Silver Member14-Jan-07 07:59 PM
by Narsuitus
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A topic tagged as someone looking for information Help finding F3 eyepiece for DE-2
Looks like they are no longer current products. Anyone know where I can find one? I need
ZoneV Silver Member12-Feb-07 01:56 PM
by FE Fan
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A general, generic topic It's Official
I am an official prongster now. I have a black FE-2 and 28/2.8 AIS on the way, as well as
ZoneV Silver Member27-Sep-07 03:39 AM
by James23p
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A topic tagged as in need of help FE2 and TTL fill-flash
What's your method for accomplishing TTL fill flash with the FE2 and a compatible Nikon sp
ZoneV Silver Member15-Aug-07 01:17 AM
by ZoneV
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A topic tagged as having a question Do you prongsters have this problem?
Fellow prongsters, a thread caught my attention: http:/ / orums/dcboar
ZoneV Silver Member03-Jul-08 02:00 AM
by dave_gt
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A topic tagged as having a question Turning off MD-4 film advance?
Just what the title sounds like. I'm looking for a way to turn off the film advance in the
ZoneV Silver Member02-Aug-08 02:00 AM
by ZoneV
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This is a hot, active topic! Eyepiece diopters w/ flange for eyecup?
It seems like all the eyepiece diopters for the F3 (DE-2), FM series, etc. lack a flange f
ZoneV Silver Member17-Jun-10 09:59 PM
by ZoneV
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A topic tagged as having a question Securing a DK-4 eyecup?
I have a DK-4 eyecup I want to use. However, I want to make sure it will not fall off. Sho
ZoneV Silver Member08-May-10 09:27 AM
by Kilted_F3_nut
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A topic tagged as having a question R-screen best for F3 f/copystand work?
Is an R screen good for copywork? It has the grid lines and a split-image focusing screen.
ZoneV Silver Member12-Jun-10 11:02 PM
by ZoneV
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A general, generic topic At least 25 current Nikkors still have an aperture ring
This thought came to me after using the FE-2 and 85/1.8 D recently to shoot my first ever
ZoneV Silver Member21-Sep-10 09:36 PM
by Kilted_F3_nut
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A topic tagged as news FM3A is in D7000 instruction manual!
On page 45 of the new D7000 instruction manual, there is a picture of the FM3A! Wow!
ZoneV Silver Member05-Nov-10 02:29 AM
by NikonMark37814
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A topic tagged as having a question FE-2 meter needle: low battery?
The meter needle now only stays up when the shutter button is half-pressed. Does this mean
ZoneV Silver Member12-Nov-10 11:23 PM
by firebasebob
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A topic tagged as a poll/survey Would you buy a variable diopter eyepiece?
Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Does your vision fluctuate from one day to the next? Ju
ZoneV Silver Member13-Oct-12 02:28 PM
by ZoneV
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A topic tagged as having a question Pricing an F2?
How are F2 bodies priced? Serial number? Color? Con dition? Which finder they have?
ZoneV Silver Member11-Jun-12 04:51 AM
by ArthurNikonF
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A topic tagged as having a question Accessory grip for F2?
Is there an accessory grip available for the F2? I have a PhotoEquip grip on my FE-2 and w
ZoneV Silver Member10-Jul-12 12:27 AM
by NikonMark37814
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A topic tagged as having a question Best repair shop for F or Nikkormat revitalization?
Just wondering, what shops/techs are best regarded for CLA of Nikkormat or F bodies? And h
ZoneV Silver Member28-Aug-12 04:26 AM
by kshapero
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A topic tagged as having a question Focusing Rangefinder Cameras
When you focus a rangefinder camera, how important is perfect vision? Is it possible to mi
ZoneV Silver Member15-Oct-12 10:07 PM
by ornate_wrasse
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A general, generic topic New Nikon Patent for digital back
Not all patents make it to production, of course. But Nikon is at least interested: htt
ZoneV Silver Member01-Jan-13 03:23 AM
by mikemaz41
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A topic tagged as having a question Batteries and testing Photomic finders
What battery is the correct currently available one? And how to test to make sure every
ZoneV Silver Member14-Dec-12 11:38 AM
by Kilted_F3_nut
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A general, generic topic Just shot the FE-2 for a newspaper assignment
Some of you may know that I do a bit of freelance PJ work. For 95% or so of it, digital ca
ZoneV Silver Member28-Jul-13 08:27 AM
by Kilted_F3_nut
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